Highly Favored: A Blessing to Others organizes an annual Thanksgiving drive called Backpack Friday. Backpack Friday is about unselfish giving to the most vulnerable amongst us. Our organization distributes backpack care packages to the less fortunate individuals throughout Los Angeles County.  Many homeless people have been forgotten and left alone to brave extremely hot days and cold nights. And so, Highly Favored strives to provide essential items including, water, snacks, blankets, warm hats, gloves, socks, toiletries, etc.

Highly Favored carries out random acts of kindness to the so-called “ lesser “ of us made possible by the generosity of our donors: from their larger contributions down to their twenties, tens, fives and the one dollar bills which together plays a vital role enabling Highly Favored to make it all happen.

For ways to volunteer or donate email


Alexis Goudeau Philius RN, BSN, CCRN

KLRNA (Sunset) Steward

RN-11 years

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Founder

Brittany Harris RN, BSN

RN -8 years

Chief Information Officer

Camille Davis RN


RN 13 years


Onika Davis RN, BSN

RN -18 years

Co-Founder Maternal Infant Project International

Executive Support Staff

Will Philius

CEO Gatekeeper Tickets

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

Kim King RN, BSN

RN- 13 years

Director of Development and Fundraising

Erika Tapia RN, BSN
RN- 14 years
Executive Director of Community Outreach